Let's Get Down To Business! Bellevue, Ohio is your ready-made solution for your business success. Second-to-none business support for your operations, strategically located industrial park, ready and waiting infrastructure, welcoming community support and the strength of the Bellevue can-do spirit among our skilled workforce. Combining this with a comprehensive range of first-rate business incentives and resources at your disposal make Bellevue, Ohio a location more than worthy of consideration by businesses wishing to expand or relocate in the area.  
The Bellevue Development Corporation serves our community in cooperation with the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, and with the full support of the local growth-minded public administration.  

About The Bellevue Development Corporation

The Bellevue Development Corporation was formed in 1984.  It was organized to help the Bellevue Community grow with new investments and jobs.  The Bellevue Development Corporation operates with an executive board and a 19 member full board and is financed


Business Development & Incentives

Here Are The Business Development & Incentive Offerings Loans, Grants & Bonds 166 Direct Loan Loan program for land and building acquisition; expansion or renovation; and equipment purchases. Innovation Ohio Loan Fund Program Program that provides loans for the acquisition,


Site and Building Information

Bellevue has numerous sites available for you to set up your manufacturing operation in a highly profitable and efficient location.  From a fully infrastructured industrial park to large acreage stand-alone, infrastructered parcels.  Bellevue has the sites, relocation assistance, incentives and


Location & Logistics

One of Bellevue’s greatest assets is its strategic location within the State of Ohio.  Bellevue is positioned on a major four-lane highway, U.S. Route 20, intersected by State Routes 269 and 4, and is only ten minutes away from main


Young Professionals

 The Bellevue Ohio area offers a superb quality of life for today’s young professionals and their families.  With the region being one of the mid-west’s premier vacation destinations and boasting a vibrant industrial and commercial base, Bellevue is able to


Demographic Info

The information we are providing is most often used by site selectors or companies performing their own research into the viability of the Bellevue area as a strategic position for relocation of their business or as an ideal location for